Piexon OC-product

The unique JPX Jet Protector from Swiss Piexon is a revolution for the OC-product market. Normal OC-sprays are emulsions that create an aerosol that is affected by wind and easily contaminates enclosed spaces. In JPX Jet Protector the active substance is a gel instead which creates a beam, when it is pressed through the nozzle and with the help of a pyrotechnical charge. Therefore the JPX Jet Protector can be used securely in strong winds and in enclosed spaces without risk of contamination.

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Uriel first aid

Uriel manufactures bandages and cooling bandages. Silver Multi Bandage is specially developed for the cumbersome military environment. The bandage can be used as anything from support bandage to lacing bandage. Silver Multi Bandage has one fixed compress as well as one adjustable and a practical pocket for the most commonly used item – a few band-aids.

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