FN Herstal

Sveadiesel have for many years cooperated with the Belgian company FN Herstal (FN), which manufactures high-quality firearms and machine guns. The quality is reassured by the fact that many different weapons that have been developed and manufactured by FN are used by the Swedish Armed Forces.

For example we can mention the light machine gun 5.56 which in military language is called ksp 90. FN also stands for the base construction of the AK 5 automatic carbine, which in present is used as the main firearm in the Swedish army. Another weapon that originates from FN is the heavy machine guns ksp 88, with in FN-language is called M2 HB QCB.

FN also manufactures attachments and other equipment with ties to firearms and machine guns. An interesting product within this niche is SMARTCORE, an electrical shot counter which is mounted inside the weapon. SMARTCORE counts the fired shots and can even differentiate between loose and sharp shots. The stored information is then wirelessly transferred to a computer where presentation and further analysis can be done.

With the help of SMARTCORE it is possible to follow up weapons on an individual level, which has previously been hard to achieve.

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