Fire Robots

DOK-ING Fire Robot MVF-5

Sveadiesel AB cooperates with the Croatian company DOK-ING d.o.o regarding robots for fire extinguishing, demining machines and low built mining machines (< 1m).

The fire robot MVF-5 is a successor to the demining machine MV-4, which was developed together with FMV and the Swedish Armed Forces. MVF-5 can carry 2200 litres of water and 500 litres of foam (0-6% mixture) and has a pumping capacity of 2000 litres per minute. Together with the ZW 20 nozzle from Albert Ziegler GmbH the robot has a range of approximately 55m.

In addition to the fire extinguishing equipment it also has a dozer blade and a claw which allows it to move and lift objects within the operation area.

MVF-5 can be remotely controlled and has up to seven cameras.

The practical range of the system is between 1000 and 1500m.

DOK-ING can deliver complete systems including a protected mobile control central with the capacity to bring extra water as well as foam for the daily maintenance.

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