Measuring Equipment

Coltraco Ultrasonic is a company focused on ultrasound technology, with priority on safety. Since they were founded in 1987 they have expanded their business to 120 countries. They have both been nominated and received multiple awards such as the Safety at Sea reward and Queens Award for International Trade 2019. Within the defence sector they have delivered their products to the Royal Airforce amongst others.

They have developed multiple tools to prevent the loss of ships. They can with their portable equipment for example measure the amount of extinguishing agent in automatic fire extinguishing systems, as well as the tightness of hatches and shoots.

See how ultrasonic equipment can prevent loss of ships.

At present we sell the following products:

– Portalevel® IS
– Portalevel® MAX
– Portalevel® MAX Marine
– Portasteele® CALCULATOR
– Portamarine®
– Portatank®
– Portascanner® WATERTIGHT
– Portasonic® 2.FL0
– Portasonic® CALCULATOR
– Permaflow®

We are proud distributors of their military products.

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